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Bourbon Bourdon Forte

Three Chord Blended Bourbon / Strawberry / Coconut Cream / Cinnamon / Lime

Inspiration for cocktail name:

I studied the organ we used to place the drink on for the photo and one of the knobs to the organ was a “Bourdon Forte.” The Bourdon normally denotes a “stopped flute” type of flue pipe in the organ characterized by a dark tone, strong in fundamental, with a quint transient but relatively little overtone development. The name is derived from the French word for “bumblebee or buzz”. I chose a stemless flute for the glass because of the “Stopped flute” pipe. A buzz flower would be an ideal garnish.

  • 1.5 OZ Blended Bourbon
  • 0.25 OZ Coco Cream
  • 0.75 OZ Strawberry Syrup
  • 0.75 OZ Fresh Lime

Stemless Flute or Collins/Shake/Ice
Garnish: Buzz Flower, Cinnamon stick, fresh Strawberry & light Sprinkle of Cinnamon on top

Add All ingredients into mixing tin with ice, shake well, garnish with cinnamon sprinkle & Fine strain into glass over fresh ice.