Our inspiration comes from a place of expression, innovation, & creativity.


Inspiration for Three Chord Cocktail Names

For this photo shoot I wanted to focus and embody all the creative aspects of music with detail, from the artists that created the songs, the lyrics, instruments used, the layers, the strings and all the tools that tie them together. Music is an art form driven by people, poetry, and passion. The instruments and tools we use to transfer those feelings and information play a significant part that is an essential role for creation and innovation, which allows us to all freely express our most authentic self. Having the creative freedom to completely be ourselves as we unfold, expose our layers, share our journeys, tell our stories, and sing our songs. That is what expression truly means to me and what I believe to be Three Chord Bourbon.

I hope you get to tell your stories, share your journeys, expose, unfold your layers, be your most authentic self, with old and new friends, all while enjoying these intentional, thoughtfully, curated cocktails.