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- Drinkhacker

I rate this 93 points…

- Mark Gillespie, WhiskeyCast.com


- ForWhiskeyLovers.com

As smooth as the guitar playing of its creator

- Wine Searcher

A Bourbon Worth Sharing

- A Bourbon Worth Sharing

Smooth vanilla and caramel tones that linger warm and satisfying

Very smooth bourbon – very nicely blended

- Wine Searcher

I rate this 107 Proof Reserve at 94 points

- Mark Gillespie, WhiskeyCast.com

Highly recommended

- Tastings.com

Best of Class for Small Batch 11 years or Older - Gold

- Craft Distillers Spirits Competition

Best in Show Overall: 12 Bar Reserve - Gold

- Craft Distillers Spirits Competition

Power of three.


Just as a Three Chord progression is at the root of the blues, music is at the core of Three Chord Bourbon, a whiskey infused with a harmony of rich taste. This well balanced spirit is complex.


Our handcrafted bourbon is steeped in tradition, yet revolutionary, using rhythmic disruption to finish our whiskeys. By heating American oak to precise temperatures to release specific flavor and aroma compounds. Our rhythmic disruption integrates these compounds into the blended spirit. This process creates a melody of caramel, vanilla, and maple -soaked notes.


Like the feeling you get when you hear that perfect song, you’ll know Three Chord Bourbon is right with that first sip, however, the smooth finish and mild hug sings “you’ll want an encore”!

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