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Fleeting In Sounds

Three Chord Amplify Rye Whiskey / Hibiscus Tea / Saffron Syrup / Soda Water / Orange

Inspiration for cocktail name:

The meaning of “Fleeting” is lasting for a very short time. This drink is so good you’ll hear the bottom of your glass and sound ice shortly after you imbibe.

  • 1.5 OZ Amplify Rye
  • 2 OZ Hibiscus Tea
  • 0.75 OZ Saffron Syrup
  • 0.75 OZ Fresh OJ
  • Splash of soda

Hurricane glass/Shake/Ice
Garnish: Bourbon Cherry & Orange Slice

Shake all ingredients except for soda water with ice in shaker, strain into glass over fresh ice and then add a splash of soda, stir & garnish.