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Harmony & Halos

Three Chord Bourbon Cream Liqueur / Coconut Milk / Vanilla Ice Cream / Date / Cinnamon / Nutmeg

Inspiration for cocktail name:

When this cocktail is served the ice cream and coconut milk settles beautifully on top of the glass like a creamy, puffy halo, all it needs is thirsty islander to enjoy it.

Artist: Zac Brown Band

Song: “Harmony”

Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (40th Anniversary Celebration/Super Deluxe)

“Harmony and me, we’re pretty good company, looking for an island in our boat upon the sea, Harmony, gee I really love you.”

  • 2 OZ Bourbon Cream
  • 1 OZ Date Syrup
  • 1.0 OZ Coconut Milk
  • 3 OZ ice cream mix/1 small scoop
  • Cinnamon & Nutmeg sprinkle

Hurricane glass/Blender/*Frozen
Garnish: Cinnamon Stick & Bourbon Cherry

Add all ingredients into blender, add ice, blend, pour into chilled glass, sprinkle cinnamon, Nutmeg & garnish.