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Purple Haze Fizz

Three Chord Blended, Bread & Butter Prosecco

Inspiration for cocktail name:

With pop culture playing a large role in trends, the ‘Swifties’ will be singing Lavender Haze from reading the menu all the way to consumption!

Health being at the forefront for many consumers, lavender holds many benefits by reducing stress, promoting better sleep, and holds anti-inflammatory properties (among many other positive attributes).

According to Datassential’s top beverage trends, Some over-the-top cocktails surprise customers by incorporating unexpected elements, like fire, dry ice, and ingredients that change color as you drink.

40% of consumers say they're likely/strongly likely to order a cocktail or mocktail with savory elements.

“Open TikTok and you’ll discover plenty of influencers restocking their freezers with different shapes and flavours of ice – #icetok has 1.7 billion views.”

  • 1.50 OZ Three Chord Blended Bourbon Whiskey
  • 0.50 OZ Lavender Syrup
  • 0.25 OZ Simple Syrup
  • 0.25 OZ Fresh Lemon Juice Shake, Strain over fresh ice
  • 2.00 OZ Bread & Butter Prosecco

Highball/Shake/Strain over Fresh Ice
Garnish: Edible Flower & Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Ice Cubes

Starts sweet and floral, transitions to a citrusy kick, all while showcasing a trendy lavender flavor. Watch the magic happen as the butterfly pea cubes add a mesmerizing color-changing twist. Refreshing and visually captivating, this is not your average fizz!