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Waymore’s Blues

Three Chord Tennessee Straight Whiskey / Blue Curacao / lavender / mint / lemon

Inspiration for cocktail name:

The Blues are so essential in life and music because “No Mud, No Lotus.” I personally love the blues and really wanted a blue drink to represent them. Waylon Jennings is classic, and this cocktail can also be your “hair of the dog” playing on the lyrics “You gotta make a cold motion like a D-O-G”

Artist: Waylon Jennings

Song: “Waymore’s Blues”

Album: Dreaming my Dreams

  • Tennessee Straight Whiskey
  • 0.75 OZ Lavender Syrup
  • 0.75 Fresh Lemon
  • 1 Sprig of Mint
  • Splash of soda Water
  • 0.25 Blue Curacao *sink bottom

Mason Jar/Shake/Ice
Garnish: Mint leaf, Lemon peel & Bourbon Cherry

Muddle Mint, lemon, and lavender, add ice & whiskey, shake & strain into glass, then add splash of soda, stir then add blue curacao.