When I first began playing guitar, I realized that if I could learn to play three basic chords — the roots of the blues — feel their meaning, perfect their sound, I could have a career in music. I also recognized that the beauty of the perfect melody, the arrangement of those notes and the  vibrations of those tones, could impact one’s mood and elicit powerful emotions.

One night as I was sipping bourbon in my studio with friends, the conversation naturally turned to music, sound and composition. We began to wonder how blending the “tones” of various whiskeys together could create a unique “harmony” of flavor.

We knew bourbon’s role in Americana music and the American dream. We knew we loved it.  We knew that the blues and the “three chord” progression were a blank score that we could compose our own masterpiece with. Truth, heart, and integrity.

But we wanted to do more than just create another whiskey. We wanted to shake up the industry yet maintain respect for the tradition and legacy of heritage whiskeys. To look at the process differently. To create a taste profile comparable to the finest whiskeys in the world. To craft a new classic whiskey with the same precision and passion with which I create music. The product we created is Three Chord. The process with which it is created we call “Perfectly Tuned Taste.”

Neil Giraldo